Non-Premium Seat Deposit

Non-Premium Seat Deposit

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Reserve your place in line to book your season tickets for the inaugural Legion FC season in 2019. This deposit is for non-premium seats.

Each deposit allows you the opportunity to purchase up to 4 seats at the time of purchase. 


Q: What if I have a family of 5?

A: Put down 2 deposits. That would allow you to get up to 8 tickets total.

Q: When will I be able to purchase my actual tickets, and how much will they cost?

A: We have not finalized the pricing nor when we will make specific seats available. We expect to finalize each of those later this year.

Q: Can I apply my deposit to Premium Seats?

A: No. We highly suggest that if you think you might be interested in Premium Seats to put down a $100.00 deposit instead.

Q: Can I apply my deposit to the Supporter's Group section?

A: Why yes, you most certainly can. Since we added the SG deposit at a later date, we will allow the change. Keep in mind you can only purchase up to 2 tickets in the SG section per deposit.


Taxes are included in purchase price